I went to buy a bra

I hadn’t shopped at this particular lingerie store in a long time, a really long time. I couldn’t quite explain why, because I love the place. I just hadn’t gotten around to it.

So I went, because they were having an amazing sale and I needed a bra. I got there and the familiarity of the place hit me. I used to take my mom there to get her a nice bra or two when she came from Puerto Rico to visit. For Mother’s Day one year, we even bought matching pajamas because they were on sale and we thought it would be funny. The random memory made me smile, like it always does.

While checking out, the cashier looked up my account and said something about me not shopping there in a long time. On my way out it dawned on me. I stopped going when my mom passed away. I had subconsciously avoided the place for 5 years.

And then it came like a wave, unexpected, knocking me completely over. I sobbed the whole way home, saltwater tears rushing out.

I wonder what else I have been avoiding.


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